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New Wines

  • Rosé Tasting 6th and 7th July 2018

    Rosé Tasting  6th and 7th July 2018

    In case you haven't caught it on our Facebook page (do follow us!) we have extended our Rose tasting to this coming weekend. Come in and try the new Rosés from Germany, Italy (a delicious organic one!), the south of France and two from the iconic Provence!   This organic wine, the Saint Jean Lez Durance 'Pimayon' from the Haute Provence area of Pierrevert is a beautiful example of the dry, elegant and pale style that Provence Rosés are known for.  At only £14.99 a bottle you are getting one of the best organic boutique producers showing an elegant dry wine with notes of pink grapefruit, mandarin and even a touch of the heathery aromas of the garrigue that surround the slopes.

  • What a good year for the Rosés!

    Half Term is looking like it might be 'exciting' on the weather front but even a spot of rain won't drench our enthusiasm for Rosés!  Earlier in the Spring Paul visited the largest South of France wine tasting of the year and selected a number of possible new Chateaux to add to our increasing list of boutique small producers to import directly to the UK.  We've tried their wines and selected the best and most appealing and they should be landing in our shop in about 10 days time.  Among them are some Rosés from the Languedoc. Often better value than their Provencal neighbours these often offer the same grape varieties, the same sun and terroir for a more accessible price.  For those who only drink Rosé as long as it is Provencal (!) we have found a pale beauty that should arrive with us mid June for you to try. We'll be putting all the new wines on by the glass at our Wine Bar over the next few weeks so come along and try before you buy.

  • Chateau Musar

    We are very happy to introduce some key vintages from the legendary Chateau Musar - once tasted never forgotten!

  • Fresh Organic Italian Wines

    Fresh Organic Italian Wines

    At the beginning of the year Paul took a trip to Italy to source some exciting new ranges for the shop and we would like to introduce the first to you. The Venchiarezza organic range is made by a young and talented winemaker Luca Caporale, whose wines are fresh and inspired.  He is passionate about the quality of the grapes in his Friuli vineyards, an area cooler climate than most and shows a great understanding of how the varietals work best with the soil. They've also gone down a storm at the Friday night Wine Bar here in the shop!

  • Join our Wine Club!

    Join our Wine Club!

    Feb 2016 groupA Typical Wine Club selection (£120)

  • First Drop Wines are back in stock!

    First Drop Wines are back in stock!

    We are delighted to welcome in the new vintages of First Drop wines.  We took delivery last week and once the palette was unloaded...

  • Our Wine Tasting Schedule including Christmas Wine Tastings!

    With great pleasure we are setting out below our Autumn Tasting Timetable up to and including Christmas Eve!  We've got a wide range of Wine Regions to taste through and a good range of prices for everybody.  Wines start at the Spanish Tasting this weekend at an amazing £4.95! We are also hoping to include our first Whisky Tasting for a long while - more details will be posted on our tastings page nearer the time. .  We are also holding three special ticketed wine tasting evenings for a smaller number of people - which promise to be a fun night out. Again further details will be emailed to our mailing list and posted on the Tasting page nearer the time.

  • Domaine des Aspes and Château Prieuré des Mourgues

    4286 Domaine des Aspes Chard Viogn 4290 Prieure des Morougues Grand Reserve

  • First Drop tasting Saturday 20th June 10am-7pm


  • Domaine Les Charmettes


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