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Domaine des Aspes and Château Prieuré des Mourgues

4286 Domaine des Aspes Chard Viogn 4290 Prieure des Morougues Grand Reserve

One of our most exciting discoveries this year from France are these two wonderful Domaines. They are both owned and meticulously run by the same family and as a result each individual wine exhibits stylish and fruitful expression that demonstrates the care that has gone into its creation. The wines of Domaine des Aspes consist of a Chardonnay that is superior to many white Burgundy, a concentrated intense fragrant Viognier and a Merlot to rival many great Saint-Emilion! The rich smooth spicy reds from Château Prieuré des Mourgues come from Saint Chinian and include a blend of the best known grapes from this area, Syrah, Grenache and Mouvèdre.


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2013 Domaine des Aspes Chardonnay                           £11.99

2013 Domaine des Aspes Chardonnay Viognier             £12.99

2013 Domaine des Aspes Viognier, Cuvee La Mouline   £13.99

2010 Domaine des Aspes Merlot                                     £11.99


2011 Château Prieuré des Mourgues, Saint Chinian         £11.99

2011 Château Prieuré des Mourgues Grand Réserve       £15.99

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