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Roast Turkey

An almost exclusively seasonal question is what to drink with roast turkey - Christmas day not being too far off!  Turkey is a fairly light-flavoured meat although slightly more intense than Chicken of course.  As a result tannin rich wines should be avoided and in this case a perfect pairing of white wine with white meat applies, a full bodied Chardonnay coming into its own. If you would prefer a Red then a more mature wine to ensure the tannins have softened adequately would suit or one with softer tannins to begin with. An aged Bordeaux is often a standby favourite for this role.

Maison Auvigue Pouilly Fuissé  a traditional Burgundy Chardonnay or Two Rivers Clos des Pierres Chardonnay  from New Zealand are both elegant choices and Château Mayzeras, Pomerol would also work well.

Paul Stratford has done a video tasting note on Wines to go with Turkey on our Facebook page, click here to view.

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