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Whisky and Burns Night 25th January

9056 Ben Nevis 10yo

While not  obligatory, Burns Night is an excellent time to push the boat out and try a new whisky.

Your wee dram can come in a variety of guises, whether its a peaty Islay, or more mellow Highlands or Speyside the distillery, malting, the barrelling and age all lend different characteristics to this amber nectar.  Water too opens up aromas and flavours that really don't appear until its addition, but whether drunk neat or watered enjoy!

As with all our wines we pride ourself in stocking more interesting bottles, things you won't find on supermarket shelves but with a range of price points of both single malts and blends that shouldn't frighten any timerous beasties!

Whiskys in stock for #BurnsNight2016

9054 Benromach 10yo

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